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welcome Casa Corsi

 Casa Corsi is situated just a few steps from Florence Central Station, Santa Maria Novella.

Casa Corsi is a ground floor, newly renovated and well presented five bedroom apartment. Ideal for study-stays and holidays for small groups or families visiting the world-renowned city of Florence.

Thanks to its central position it is easy to reach the main artistic features of Florence. The train and coach stations are very close too, so it is easy to go to places like Siena, Pisa or Lucca.

Casa Corsi has his interior garden, comfortable and surprisingly cool.
Our guest can use free internet access.


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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Augusta Georgia



Da quì puoi trovare tutti gli eventi che si svolgono in questo momento in città, dall' Arte al Divertimento

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Segui le novità su How To Get Viagra Prescription in Aurora Illinois !


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