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The garden

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strong>Following the old Florentine tradition, Casa Corsi has his own inner garden, comfortable and surprisingly cool.

During the summer our guest can enjoy sitting at a table in the shade of a Laurel tree, a Magnolia and a Palm, fashionable in the 20’.


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The living-room-kitchen is spacious, bright and connects the main apartment to the garden.

There are a big table, a fridge, a washing-machine. The kitchen is fully furnished.

Room Prunus Dulcis (also Sea-green)

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Augusta Georgia

Double bedroom with private bathroom and TV, spacious and comfortable.

There is a large wardrobe, bedside tables and a chest-of-drawers. The windows opens to a private garden. The room is quiet and cool.

Room Magnolia Lilliflora (also wisteria-blue)

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Comfortable bedroom, quiet and cool. The room is spacious, it can easily accommodate two adults.

There are two single beds -that can be joined to form a double bed- two built-in wardrobes and a chest-of-drawers. The walls are painted a pale shade of blue with matching curtains and cover beds

Room Panicum Granatum (also Peach-yellow)

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A large double bedroom, with wardrobe, bedside tables, comfortable and quiet.

There is a wardrobe, a writing desk, curtains. The room is cool and quiet.

The windows opens to a private garden.

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