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About us

My name is Roberta Corsi, I’m 65 years old. At one point of my life I had the desire to dedicate myself to a project, in order to welcome travellers in the enchanting Florence.

The project starts in 2002.

The house in Via dell’Albero belonged to a dear friend of my mother: it’s a beautiful flat, inserted in ancient buildings. It’s peaceful and there is a garden too, which is not too common considering its central position in Florence. With my family, I bought it in 2002, maybe a bit as a bet.

I believe that we all need to respect ancient houses, as they conserve the memory of the people who lived there. For this reason during the renovation works we have maintained its preavious characteristics. In the main hall we have discovered old niches in the wall of bricks and stones – these last coming from the near River Arno- hidden for a long time and witnesses of a probable convent in the past.

We love nature and the harmony that she gives, for this reason we have given the names of typical Tuscan Trees to the rooms.

In 2003 the B&B Casa Corsi opens, after long renovation works. From that moment our commitment is to offer to our guests a peaceful, clean and comfortable stay. Casa Corsi is naturally fresh in summer.

Copyright © 2014 Casa Corsi. Tutti i diritti riservati.
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